A letter from Elnora J. Cramer Scorning German Women (10-19-40)

The Pittsburgh Press (October 19, 1940)

Editor, The Pittsburgh Press:

I have no sympathy for the German women. I think and I sincerely believe that the blame for the present World War can be laid at their feet. How can a nation, which is supposed to consist of intelligent men and women, pick up with a rotten thing like Hitler?

I am certain that every American woman would sooner die than give up her liberty and our Constitution. If the German women were worth their “salt,” they most certainly would endeavor to rise above a common dictatorship such as theirs. It is common because of its head and his organization.

The American in the gutter is better than the Nazi dictator. On all sides of me, everywhere, I hear from the lips of true Americans, “How I pity those German women who are kept in ignorance about the war.” It is just so much bunk. Would the women of this country give up their newspapers, magazines, lectures and radios? No. We would fight first.

Didn’t our grandmothers fight for our right to vote? Why place one’s sympathies on a group of women who lack the spunk and courage to do some hard fighting with the male population? Let’s not waste our sympathies on the weak German women who are afraid to tell their children that there still exists a power higher than Hitler. Give it to the strong British woman who refuses to bow her head in awe before Hitler, even if he destroyed some of her most precious material possessions.

216 N. Spring St.
Blairsville, PA


Was Elnora J. Cramer a prominent local figure? It’d be interesting to find more about her.


Not much. She was just your average Pennsylvanian citizen. I thought the letter was interesting and a sign of things to come.


Yeah, she had exceptional foresight