A Kamikaze Pilot given a funeral aboard USS Missouri

Not so much a question but an incident you may wish to cover or discuss at some point. I found a video about an incident that if there was a series called “War For Humanity” it would be a good part of. A kamikaze pilot who dove on the USS Missouri but didn’t hit at an angle that would do serious damage was given a funeral with full military honors. Including encasement in the colors, the sailors stayed up all night and sewed together a Imperial Japanese Navy flag for him. Why Did the US Navy Hold a Funeral for a Kamikaze? - YouTube

War is so stupid and senseless, and it breaks my heart that so much of our advancement and technology were in its service.

How could such a thing be called war for humanity? Showing humanity to an enemy after the battle is done is the mark of a true warrior and is a much harder thing to do than mere murder.


I’m in favor of that as well, and there are multiple incidents to choose from, like this: