A great source to show to denier

If you got got more you can post them here


The best source you can show to a denier is a folded fist to the face.

(In my experience, people dumb enough to deny the Holocaust aren’t very good with reading.)

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Yeah, that’ll only make their case stronger and it’ll make them think that their wacko theories were right all along. Try engaging with them in a civil manner. It worked for my high school classmate after all (thanks Grandpa).


You debate a holocaust denier just like you’d debate a flat Earther: you don’t. These people are not normal. They don’t process information like a normal person. There is no amount of facts that you could ever possibly give them that would change their mind. They spend all day online and in the real world either debating people who don’t believe what they do or they are discussing with like-minded individuals about which arguments work the best. They have seen every point that you could possibly bring up 100 times before and have a dozen counter-arguments for each of them.

The only thing that happens in debates with these people is that you’ll either get bored or frustrated and walk away. They’ll earn a sense of victory from “defeating” you and you’ll have wasted precious time that you could have spent doing more noble pursuits like watching banal cat videos on the facetubes.

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