A 1943 discussion of the Junkers in Nazi Germany


This article from 1943 is the most informative article on German agriculture and the Junkers themselves I’ve yet read. I’d like to read something ANYTHING that isn’t fundamentally that the Junkers are shit-asses and Germany is far better off without them with no downsides, cause my BS detector says that’s grossly unfair even if broadly true, but it’s something. And it seems the ‘corruption’ of the Nazis that got the Junkers on board is basically the same as Americans with agro-business and I understand the point of those I disagree with enough to think that corruption is too unambiguous a word for the Ostrelief program.

I’m beginning to see the crises of the 20th century as the imaginative failures of German agriculture.

If anyone knows about the Dutch agricultural revolution of the 1970s to today I’d like to ask questions.