9 September rebellion Thailand

The Out-of-Service Rebellion, or the 9 September Rebellion, was an attempted coup d’état on September 9, 1985 by a group of non-active officers consisting of Colonel Manoon Krit Rukkhachon (then named Manoon Rokkhachon) Nava. Air Chief Marshal Manat Rukkhajon, Gen. Kriengsak Chamanan, General Serm Na Nakorn, Gen. Yot Thephasdin Na Ayuthaya, Air Chief Marshal Intharat, Major General Thong Termpubuk, Colonel Prajak Sawangchit, Colonel Sakhon Kijwiriya, joined by another active duty soldier. For example, Ekarat Sararurak and some civilians who lead labor, such as Mr. Sawat Lukod, Mr. Pratin Thamrongjoi, with financial support from Ekayuth Anchanbut, this rebellion attempted to seize the ruling from General Prem’s government. Tinsulanonda, the rebellion, took place during the Prime Minister’s trip to Indonesia for service, while General Arthit was chief of staff at the time. On a mission in Europe.

The rebellion was also the last unsuccessful attempt of a coup. It is also considered the last attempt by General Prem Tinsulanonda after the failure of the Young Turk rebel in 1981.

The campaign started at 3.00 am with 22 tanks from the 4th Cavalry Battalion, Royal Guard (M.K. Take control of the Supreme Command, Suea Pa Field, Public Relations Department And the Mass Communication Organization of Thailand and read the statement of the Revolutionary Council named Gen Serm Na Nakorn as the leader of the revolutionary arrest Air Chief Marshal Prapun Thupatemi

Mr. Ekayut Anchanabut, who is a civilian He took part of the military force and the trade union leader to seize the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) and detained Mr. Pichet Sathirachawan, director of the BMA at that time to take the mass transit vehicle to pick up the labor force. Join Later, the government soldier Consisting of Gen. Thianchai Sirisamphan, Deputy Commander of the Army Acting Army Commander, Lieutenant General Chavalit Yongchaiyuth, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army, Lieutenant General Phichit Kulavanich, Commander of the 1st Area, coordinated with the Government Department of General Prachuap Suntarangkun, Deputy Prime Minister Is in the position of acting Prime Minister Established the Directorate of Resistance at the 11th Infantry Regiment, Bang Khen District, and led forces from Colonel 1 Ror. 2 to protest against and issued a response statement on behalf of General Athit, the main force of the government’s supervision. The force was carried out by a group of Jor Pror. 5 soldiers, consisting of Lieutenant General Suchinda Kraprayoon, Lieutenant General Isara Phong Noonpakdee, and Air Chief Marshal Kaset Rojanil. The government declared a state of emergency on September 9, 1985 by Gen. Prachuap. Trarangkun, Deputy Prime Minister, Acting Prime Minister, and General Sitthichiraroj, Minister of Interior, signed the announcement. And canceled on September 16, 1985 at 6:00 PM.

At around 9:50 am, a rebel tank located in the equestrian courtyard began to bombard the radio antennas and the building of the 1st Brigade’s radio station, the Royal Guard, and fired machine guns into the area of ​​the Paruswan Palace. Which is home to the National Intelligence Agency The deaths of two foreign journalists are Australian Neil Davis and American Bill Ratch.
download A picture From the 9-September rebellion that could have been taken

Both sides clashed intensified and negotiations were held at 3 PM, with Lieutenant General Phichit Kullavanich representing the government and Gen. Yot Thephasdin Na Ayuthaya represented the rebels. And both sides agreed And withdrawing back to the location at 5:30 p.m.

General Prem Tinsulanonda returned to Thailand that night. And went to meet with His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej At Thaksin Ratchaniwet Palace Narathiwat Province immediately

When the rebellion failed, the promoters, Colonel Manoon Rukkhachorn and Lieutenant Manat Rukkhachorn, flee to Singapore and traveled to West Germany. The rest of the group testified that it was forced by the insurgents. 39 people were prosecuted, 10 escaped.

It is believed that behind this seizure of power, Colonel Manoon Ropkhajorn only spearheaded the seizure. To wait for the reinforcement of the authority to bring them out later And this campaign failed because someone who Refused to send soldiers to help

What happened in the 9th September rebellion is an interesting event in Thai history. Because this counts Cause Attempted coup d’etat Only one time The audio record of the battle between the two sides of the government of General Prem and General Manu was added to the song Ma Nok. The song will also refer to the Fourth Cavalry Corps involved in the attempted coup. And if you return the album cover, you will find that the cover image is in Thai characters Which was written in Thai as 9 September

9 กันยา
Album cover of the song Ma nok

Because the band has performed At the invitation of Ekmanoon, known to the head of the band, Yuenyong Opakul, the head of the Carabao band, who later started in the energy drink business called Carabao Daeng or in Europe and America are known as carabao.If you’ve been following the sport, you might be familiar with the name carabao cub.

ภาพของ สมาชิกวง คาราบาว ใน ขณะนั้น

Picture of the members of the Carabao band at that time

Picture of Manu Krit Rakhachorn

Picture of Manu Krit Rakhachorn


Picture of Regent, President of the Privy Council, General Prem Tinsulanonda (Holds a special rank and is therefore considered Admiral and air chief marshal)

Carabao-Manok at the end of the song There will be a cannon sound recorded by Members of the Carabao band from the incident of the 9 September rebellion

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