9 - 15 August 1941

9 August 1941

Newfoundland : Atlantic Charter Conference began between US and UK leadership
Baltic Sea : The Soviet Shchuka-class submarine ShCh-307 (Treska) commanded by N. I. Petrov torpedoed and sank the German submarine U-144 west of Hiiumaa Island in the Baltic Sea
Ukraine : Romanian 30th Dorobanti Regiment captured the village of Ponyatovka, Ukraine while other Romanian units captured the railway town of Razdelnaya
North Sea : Norwegian cargo ship Dagny I was bombed and sunk by Luftwaffe JU-88 bombers

10 August 1941

Barents Sea : The 1,238-ton Soviet patrol vessel Tuman was on patrol in the Barents Sea north of Murmansk, Russia when she encountered the three German destroyers Z-4 Richard Beitzen, Z-10 Hans Lody, and Z-16 Friedrich Eckoldt near Kildin Island. Tuman reported the sighting over radio, then laid down a smoke screen for evasive action. The German destroyers closed in within 5 nautical miles and damaged Tuman with 11 direct hits before they were driven off by Soviet coastal guns. 37 officers and men escaped from the sinking vessel as the German destroyers withdrew; 15 were killed, including the commanding officer Lieutenant L. Shestakov and the commissar.

North Sea : German Navy minesweeper M-1102 was sunk by an air dropped torpedo from a RAF Halifax bomber

Baltic Sea : Soviet submarine S-6 struck a mine and sunk off Sweden
English Channel : British cargo ship Sir Russell was torpedoed and sunk by German fast torpedoboat S-47

11 August 1941

Mediterranean Sea : Italian hospital ship California was torpedoed and sunk by Fairey Swordfish torpedo bombers from Malta
Atlantic Ocean : British cargo ship Empire Hurst from convoy HX70 was bombed and sunk by Luftwaffe FW-200 Condor bombers

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12 August 1941

USSR : The Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party ordered the security forces to deport the entire population of the Volga German Autonomous Republic to destinations in Central Asia and Siberia.

The Soviet Politburo also granted thousands of Polish prisoners of war amnesty for the formation of a Polish unit under General Wladislaw Anders to fight against Germany.

Ankara , Turkey : Britain and Russia assured Turkish goverment in the event of any attack by Axis , they will come to aid Turkey

Roumainia : All Jews were registered for forced labour

Rastenburg , East Prussia : From his Wolf’s Lair field HQ , Hitler orders increased efforts to capture Leningrad in north and Kharkov and Crimea in south , suspending the drive on Moscow temporarily.

Germany : Before dawn, RAF Bomber Command attacked railway yards at Hanover, Germany. After sundown, 78 British Bleinheim bombers, escorted by 485 fighters, conducted the heaviest daylight attack against Germany to date, targeting the powerplants near Köln (Fortuna Power Station in Knapsack and Goldenburg Power Station in Quadrath) and other targets in a wide area. The Germans were only able to scramble few fighters, but anti-aircraft fire was heavy. The Germans suffered four fighters shot down (plus five likely shot down) and heavy damage to both powerplants; the British suffered 12 British Blenheim bombers shot down and 10 escorting British fighters shot down. Meanwhile 24 Wellington bombers attacked Munchen-Gladbach in Ruhr area during nighttime using GEE guidence system successfully first time to locate and hit their targets

North Atlantic : While escorting convoy ON5 , Royal Navy corvette HMCS Picotee was torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-586

Black Sea : Soviet cargo ship Novorissisk was bombed and sunk by Kuftwaffe JU-87 dive bombers

Vichy France : French Marshal Philippe PĂ©tain appointed Anglophobic Admiral François Darlan as Minister for War, the Navy, the Air and the Colonies. General Maxime Weygand was thus placed under Darlan’s orders. In Paris , demostrations prostesting German occupation proved a violent crackdown by French and German military police. All political activity has been suspended and all political meetings were baned in entire France.

Washington , USA : The United States Congress passed a modification to the Selective Service Act, which extended the service period of draftees as requested by Franklin Roosevelt, by a single vote.

While Churchill was still with Roosevelt off Newfoundland, two squadrons of British fighters, forty aircraft in all, commanded by a New Zealander, Wing Commander Ramsbottom-Isherwood, left Britain on Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Argus for Russian ports Murmansk and Archangel. Even before the British fighters reached Murmansk, two British submarines, HMS Tigris and HMS Trident , had managed to make their way to the Soviet naval base at Polyarnoe, near Murmansk. There, they at once began operations against German troop transports and coastal shipping off the northern Norwegian and Finnish coastlines.

For as long as the Russian front ‘remained in being’, Churchill explained to his War Cabinet on his return to London, ‘we might have to make some sacrifices’ as far as British supplies from the United States were concerned. He had ‘thought it right’, he said, to give Roosevelt a warning ‘that he would not answer for the consequences if Russia was compelled to sue for peace and, say, by the spring of next year, hope died in Britain that the United States were coming into the war’.

13 August 1941

Black Sea : Soviet cargo ship Polina Osipenko was bombed and sunk by Luftwaffe Heinkel 111 bombers while carrying 1.000 passangers evacuated from Odessa

14 August 1941

Newfoundland : Roosevelt and Churchill signed the Atlantic Charter.

Germany : Overnight, RAF bombers attacked railway yards at Hanover, Germany using Gee navigation system.

Baltic Sea : The Soviet transport ship Sibir, carrying 2,500 wounded soldiers from Estonia, was bombed by German JU-88 aircraft and sunk. There were few survivors

Pacific Ocean : British cargo ship Australind was intercepted and sunk by German auxilary cruiser/merchant raider Komet.

North Sea : German cargo ship Lotte Halm was sunk by an air launched torpedo from a RAF Coastal Command Beaufort torpedo bomber aircraft

Atlantic Ocean : Yugoslavian cargo ship Sud from convoy HG70 was intercepted and sunk by Grmsn submarine U-126

15 August 1941

German occupied Belarussia : German General governor Heinrich Lohse orders all Jews in his territory wear yellow star and live designated ghettos and Jews were banned to use public places and public transport , own a car or wireless set.

Tokyo , Japan : Soviet spy Richard Sorge reports to Moscow that Japan is unwilling to attack USSR from east.

South Atlantic : German blockade runner Norderney was scuttled by her crew when intercepted by Royal Navy cruisers HMS Despatch and HMS Pretoria