80 Year war as a possible series?


Hey guys,

I was wondering if you guys were ever planning to do a series on the 80 Year war?


If they do, I’d image they would do it one year a week.


That would be great, but like @grayknight1781 mentions, that would be year by year. Besides that, we’re currently very well provided with series. Theres WW2 (5+ years), B2W (still 15 years to go) and the upcoming War Against Humanity and a post-war project we’ll reveal soon. And then there’s also the Korea War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf Wars, Bosnian War, the Postcolonial independence struggles like the Indonesian National Revolution, and even more unconventional wars like the War on Drugs and Terror. And then there’s still dozens of modern things I haven’t even mentioned.

I would love to do a series outside of modern times, but you have to think about the concequences. We don’t have any archival video footage, no photos. Sure, there are paintings, frescoes and illustrated manuscripts, but it’s much harder to keep the tention curve interesting. Maybe animated video’s would do the trick, but we’d have to find a way to combine that with our trademark studio settings and host.

And once the door to post-modern eras has been opened, I’d LOVE to dive into that. How cool would a breakdown of Alexander the Great, Punic Wars, Sula’s Civil War, Ceasars Civil War, Augusts Final war of the Roman Republic, the Gallic Genocide, The Crusades, the Reconquista, The Reformation (I suppose that ties into the 80 year war), the expeditions to America, the Wars of Ghengis Khan, the Plague, the Enlightenment, the 30-year war, the French Revolution and its concequent wars (Including Napoleon), the American Civil War, the wars and proceses of German and Italian unification be! – I’m aware of my Roman-heavy selection. But the point is: the possibilities would be endless.


It would most likely be partly animated, and perhaps such a series would mostly focus on the important events and battles of the conflict. I thought i’ld sugest it.


If the 80-years war is too much work, consider a series about the Anglo-Zanzibar war of 1896…


The Anglo-Zanibar War! Minute-by-Minute! :rofl:


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