79th year memorial on Midway Atoll

Kinda late but I got it from Valor Tours which is aiming for a Midway trip on September 2022. Small memorial to the battle on Midway with a gigantic avian population.

Battle of MIdway 79th Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony - YouTube


Would like to go there. Was on Guadalcanal in 2012 with Valor Tours. (Long travel from Denmark) Really great tour. Cant wait to tell more about that when Guadalcanal will be invaded in 3 weeks time :wink: So important that the history are kept alive, and nothing better than to visit the actual battlefield.


Wow cool, I was with them on the 2013 tour of Tarawa Atoll, we also went to Butari Tari or Makin Atoll which had no cell phones and was great fun.

The tour leader was the writer of this book, at the time Lt. Bonneyman who won the Medal of Honor was not found. History Flight which does excavations did find his remains and now he is reburied. It is really impotant for the families to get closure. Even after all this years. Indeed it is important that history is kept alive. Being on location tells a lot more that not being on location. E.g. the war all the way up North was fought in 3 months darkness or light which had a massive effect. Geography is often forgotten by book historians. Bones of My Grandfather | Book by Clay Bonnyman Evans | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster (simonandschuster.com)