30 October 1940 German submarine U-32 , executor of British liner Empress of Britain is sunk

On 30 October 1940 German submarine U-32 (same one that sunk Empress of Britain 48 hours before) was discovered on surface by a Short Sunderland flying boat off northwest off Ireland. Two Royal Navy destroyers close by , approached then located submerged U-Boat by passive sonar and after initiated a very accurate depth charge attack , they gravely damaged submerged U-32. Captain of U-32 Hans Jenisch ordered his submarine to surface i, destroy sensitive materials and ordered his crew to abandon sinking U-Boat (whom were picked up by British destroyers) Captain Jenisch and most of his crew were rescued and spent rest of war as POWs. According to Martin Gilbert , British interrogators found out that all of them including Jenisch were harcore Nazi fanatics committed to National Socialism and mastery of Germany over other races (which was rare among U-Boat crews)