2,154 die in week in Calcutta famine (10-28-43)

The Pittsburgh Press (October 28, 1943)

2,154 die in week in Calcutta famine

Calcutta, India (UP) –
Health authorities announced today that 2,154 persons had died in famine-ridden Calcutta during the week ended Oct. 16, as compared to a normal average 600, and it was made known that 144 starvation victims were cremated Sunday and 201 Monday.

Official sources were still unable to estimate death tolls throughout the Bengal famine area, but Indians asserted that it would take months, if not years, of continuous organized effort to restore normal conditions.


Not to downplay the sufferings, but there were famines (because of logistics and the Indian government printing money to pay for the war effort) almost throughout India such as in Travancore, United Provinces, Punjab. Were these reported in the American newspapers?


Not that I recall, at least in The Pittsburgh Press.