1937 01 The Sino Japanese War


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Please post any ideas or research for this episode that you want to contribute in this topic. If the episode hasn’t been assigned to an author yet, you can note your intent to write in the string too, and we will contact you to discuss.


I can help with this one.
I don’t quite understand how to author an episode? Is there a template you use?


Also it was the Second Sino-Japanese war of 1936. The first one was in 1894.


All input greatly appreciated, you don’t have to format it as a script- we’re happy to get the research in any form you chose. If you’re interested in actually writing scripts we should discuss how to move forward first.

Our current authors have either submitted test scripts or they have written episodes in the past. Based on the test script we have given feedback including a briefing of how we work with structure. Thus, we know we’re on the same page before anyone wastes their time. There are also some legal consideration (which we hate to deal with, but we must) when a third party writes an episode.


Thanks for the info. Since I’m not a script writter I will leave that to the experts. The research is fun though.


And the research is what builds the script, so it’s the foundation.




I suggest the book The Rising Sun: The Decline and Fall of the Japanese Empire 1936-1945, for topics involving the Empire of Japan. I find it harder to get my hands on less bias sources on the Empire of Japan for this period of history, and it is one of my “go to books” on the subject. Also, almost anything from Donald Keene, likely one of the foremost experts on Japan today, might be helpful. His book on Meiji could be a good source for the Empire of Japan’s coming into the 20th Century (since HIM the Emperor Meiji died in 1912). Lastly, while I have only read excerpts, James B. Crowley seems like a good source that another gentleman that I have read in the past on Japan during this period has used, and maybe worth looking into.

Hope this is helpful. The Empire of Japan from the Meiji Era to the Showa Era is a personal hobby and love of mine, and hope these source can be helpful to you all to make the best view possible.