1933 01 Hitlers seize of power


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Status: In Research

Please post any ideas or research for this episode that you want to contribute in this topic. If the episode hasn’t been assigned to an author yet, you can note your intent to write in the string too, and we will contact you to discuss.


I only just recently noticed that there are no mentions of Holodomor under years 1933-34 in the research thread list. Does it mean it won’t be covered?


We have to cover it, not sure in what episode yet, or if the situation in the Soviet Union in the 30s needs a dedicated episode (which I tend to think now that I write it). Would you research that?


Gladly. I can cover collectivization, Holodomor, Polish operation of the NKVD and the Great Purge right away. An episode dedicated to the Soviet Union in the 30s is a good idea, I can research that. I’m past my finals so I’m eager to work.


That would be awesome - compile the research and I’ll start thinking of an angle for an episode and how it fits into the other episodes. I’m thinking it makes sense to place it in 1934 and using the Holodomor as the hook. That juxtaposes nicely to the 1933 episode on Hitler’s Machtergreifung.


Ok, I’ll start working on it right away. Should I post it here or send it as PM?


I created a dedicated topic for this…