1932 01 German Election and Nazi Rise


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Finding of a friend: Article of the Greek newspaper Estia, on April 25, 1932, titled "The weapons of the civil war". The text below the photo is this:

The “Union of Human Rights” organized an exhibition in Berlin aiming to show the means upon which Adolf Hitler’s party contucted its struggle until then. In this exhibition the weapons of the National Socialists are in a prominent place, being police findings, found on the streets after their demostrations. As the reader can clearly see, there are revolvers, crowbars, iron fists and many more.


Maybe it’s obvious, but if I were you I’d definitely mention Hitler’s revolutionary way of campaigning. He was the first in the world (as far as I know, correct me if I’m wrong) to use airplanes to be able to hold speeches in different cities on the same day. This also added a wow-factor to his campaign, people were impressed by his contemporary approach to politics and were inclined to vote for him because they thought he’d bring this technology to the rest of Germany as its leader (which, arguably, he did).


It would be very interesting if you talk about the political ideology of the nazi party and what sort of things they did on the economic front. Where they actually a national socialist party or was that just a front for something else?


I’m happy to help write this.


Professor Steven Roberts, 'The House that Hitler Built’, (1938) offered an observation often missed by historians. He pointed out that the great majority of Interior Ministers (Head of Police) in the larger Land, were Nazis - Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Who guards the guardians?) - who were responsible for local state law and order and obviously favoured the NSDAP. It makes the Machtegriefung so much easier when you know you are covered locally.