The World War 2 Obscure Trivia Thread


A Hawker Hurricane! September 6, 1939.


That is … wow … may I ask (if this is the right thread): Bloody how?


A tragic case of friendly fire over England.


Bugger. That’s indeed sad.


Indeed it was. See the Battle of Barking Creek.


The German’s called it Tante Ju or Auntie Ju. Not pretty but got you there reliably. My great uncle told me about riding on one during WWII. They were still using them until the 1980s in parts of the world.


BF-110 with teeth and another group of them


A photo of the wasp design


Anybody interested in the great North African Toilet Paper Shortage of 1942 during Operation Torch?


We saw her in San Antonio, her current home and got a briefing on the recovery. She was one of a dozen aircraft to set down on the ice that day. Amazing story about the event, recovery and restoration.