The World War 2 Obscure Trivia Thread


That’s not what I was looking for but I am intrigued. Do tell more.


Focke-Wulf Ta-154.


It appears you’re right, but I was thinking about this monster

This is the Me 323 Gigant


Actually a bit of googling suggests that you might be onto something there. I’d got it into my head the guy was Polish for some reason.


Major Vladimir Peniakoff, and the Libyan Arab Force Commando (aka Popski’s Private Army). I have his autobiography; thoroughly recommended.

EDIT: More about him here.



Popski’s Private Army is indeed the one.



During WWII, which group of communists enjoyed playing Monopoly?


I don’t know about that, but I do remember reading somewhere that the British Government (secret service MI9) made Monopoly games and sent them to PoWs in German camps, but the games contained maps or files disguised as play pieces.

This article explains it all:


Nearly. Here’s a hint; bored SOE agents.


Hint #2 They all, SOE and communists, played it for an entire monsoon season.


Well that must’ve been in Asia then I think, but even a google search didn’t help me on this one :confused:


Malaya somewhere perhaps?


Doesn’t get much hotter than the Malay jungle during the monsoon season. :wink:

A pair of SOE agents, and a bunch of teenagers from the Malayan Communist Party (MCP) got stuck without a radio somewhere in the jungles of the Malay Peninsular. To pass the time, one of the SOE agents carved out bits of wood to represent all the pieces and cards from Monopoly, and started to play a game with his colleague. This intrigued the teenagers, because despite being ardent Communists, they also had inherited the local love for gambling. Pretty soon, the earnest comrades were haggling over property deals.

EDIT: SOE: Arms and the Dragon (Start at 35m7s)


Which model of aircraft was known as the Porcupine?


I’m 99% sure it was a British flying boat of some kind. Short Sunderland?


Famous quotes. Who said this and why?

“Sink, burn, destroy. Let nothing pass.”



That’s it, in a waterproof nutshell…


All I’ve got is “.…crush, kill, destroy!”


If you want a clue, let’s just say that it involved some seriously overdue retribution.


Retribution, and sinking naval vessels. Mmmn… I’m going to take a punt and suggest it’s a US Navy admiral, and it’s from either the Battle of Midway, or one of the naval actions associated with the Battle for Guadalcanal.