Reds don’t aim at domination, writer claims (3-2-43)

The Pittsburgh Press (March 2, 1943)

Reds don’t aim at domination, writer claims

Russia wants small nations to be free to set up own rule

Washington (UP) –
An article in the Information Bulletin of the Soviet Embassy said today the USSR “cannot have any such war aims” as imposing Russian ideas of government upon other nations.

The article, written by Alexander F. Gorkin, Secretary of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, said the Red Army “has no aims of seizure of foreign countries or subjugation of other peoples.” The only country specifically mentioned in this connection was Iran.

The article said:

Our first aim is to liberate our territories and our peoples from the German-fascist yoke. We have not and cannot have any such war aims as that of imposing our will and our regime upon the Slavic or other enslaved nations of Europe who are expecting our help.

Our aim is to help these nations in their struggle for liberation from Hitler’s tyranny, and then to leave them to organize their lives on their own lands as they think fit. There must be no interference whatsoever in the internal affairs of other nations!

The article said that with the aid of the Allies:

The USSR is struggling for the liberation of the nations enslaved by the Germans, for the restoration of the democratic rights of the people, for economic assistance to nations which have experienced all the terror of the fascist yoke, for the annihilation of the Hitler regime and its army.


Did anyone ask him why the USSR launched an unprovoked invasion of Finland and the Baltics?


Not that I recall, at least as of now.

Just yesterday you had a story that they were keeping the land they took from Poland in 1939. Maybe they just want to dominate some not all.

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Not yesterday – today!


They did say why they launched an invasion of Finland (I think) and were also kicked out of the league of nations for it.