American Citizens in 1941 Nazi Germany

With America being neutral through most of 1941, were there any American reporters or other American travelers visiting Nazi Germany in the year 1941?


Oh yes indeed. Plenty of American correspondents reported from Nazi Germany, though most of them had not the best experiences, to put it mildly, especially when dealing with Nazi censorship and murky knowledge of their activities at home and in the occupied territories. A few of these correspondents even got into legal trouble with the Nazis.

Here is an account by one Richard C. Hottelet of his imprisonment by the Nazis in Berlin. He was charged with “suspicion of espionage.”


One of the men I reenact with actually once met a man who went to Germany in 1941 with his family to retrieve his grandfather before things got bad and he was not allowed to return to the US once war was declared, he was drafted into the SS and had to fight as a German during the war. One example but there were visitors there as even in wartime it was still a vacation spot

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