1921, 1922, 1923 Wishlist


@adamsnook - you kill me :smiley:

But seriously - this is great - it helps a lot to see what other people think of as interesting, because as @adamsnook implies, we have limits to how much we can cover.


We cover that already in 1919 and 1920.


That’s what I get for not paying better attention.


I agree with @NormanStewart . I think the early days of Fascism, how it grew, and how it stuck (or was enforced through force) is very interesting. I personally find the rise of that very interesting. I know this isn’t necessarily 1921-1923…but many seeds were planted during this time.

I also think that perhaps some looks at the conditions of the individual people living in those countries that turned to Fascism could give interesting insights into the rise of these authoritarian states. Specifically how the Treaty of Versailles affected the individuals in a personal sense and not just in high level way.

I’m think that looking at the colonial situation during this time is something that I know very little about and could be very interesting. That and the situation in the middle east post breaking up of the Ottoman Empire is very often not talked about but obviously affected 100s of millions of people.

So so pumped for this. I can’t believe it’s really happening :smiley: :smiley:


It is 1921-23 material, considering Mussolini’s rise to power and Hitler’s attempted coup, but thank you for recommending my suggestion. I appreciate it.


We will cover Mussolini in the 21-23 episodes - we cover Hitler already in 19 and 20


No fault of yours, content isn’t up yet is it :wink:


How about his attempted coup in Munich? His time in prison for that is pretty important because that is where he wrote Mein Kampf.


We will cover that without a doubt! We might even do an on location reportage - we are located near Munich after all… we shall see.


Is the Beer Hall still there? Or was it torn down?


The Bürgerbräukeller where the putsch started was turn down in 1979 to make make place for the Munich concert hall at Gasteig. But many of the locations still exist.

The Löwenbräukelker another beer hall where Röhm waited for his signal to start the armed takeover is still in operation (been there many times for a beer). Obviously, Odensplatz with the Feldherrenhalle where the putsch was struck down and Hitler famously broke rank and fled still exists (that’s a plaza in Munich).


Will you be including prohibition in this? I’d like to learn more about it.


We sure will cover prohibition…


In time for Oktoberfest, I hope. :wink:


I’m still hoping that we can have our first TimeGhost Haunt here in Bavaria during Octoberfest… (depends on the financial situation.)


TimeGhost “Haunt”:ghost:, now that’s a great term for a meet-up!


(World Events) I think you should bring up the signing of the Polish-French secret military convention signed February 21, 1921 - introducing amendments to the Franco-Polish Alliance Pact - specifying its direction against any danger on the part of the USSR or Germany.

Even more importantly the Treaty of Riga signed March 18, 1921 ending the Polish-Bolshevik war.

The third Silesian Uprising also (at least in my opinion) deserves a mention.

Maybe you could also mention a fun fact that Roman von Ungern-Sternberg declared himself the ruler of Mongolia and the reincarnation of Genghis Khan.


This may be a bit more broad, but it would be great if you could talk about the women’s movement (Right to vote, run for office, equal rights etc). It’s an interesting topic that doesn’t get mentioned much.


Oh yes, bring on the Mad Baron.


We will talk about the women’s movement - we already brush over it quickly in the Spanish Flu epdisode, but there will be more.