How crucial was "Pervitin" for the German success in the Battle of France? Did the Allies use this drug as well afterwards?


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This doesn’t really answer your question, but the use of Pervitin was widespread in the German army and it must certainly have helped them in their efforts. What I’m wondering is how much did its use (after all it’s metamphetamine) play a part in atrocities committed.

I’m a Finn myself and as for our part in this war I can say that Pervitin was essential for long range recon missions that our troops did far behind Soviet lines. Their survival depended on their ability to sneak in, recon, hit objectives and run home before any major countermeasures could be taken. These recon/sabotage patrols were done sometimes with hundreds of troops infiltrating. Being able to keep going in difficult conditions despite your exhaustion and lack of sleep until you reach friendly troops was paramount. Not to mention that you might have to not only take care of yourself but also tow the wounded lying on a sledge while you ski in deep snow knowing you are being hunted by a superior force.